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Title: Chapter Twenty-Two: Sympathy For The Devil (Part Two)
Author: [ profile] sugakane_01
Kurt/Blaine, Finn/Rachel, Sam/Mercedes, Mike/Tina, Artie/Brittany, background Brittany/Santana, 
Genre: Romance/Drama/AU, Slash (obviously)
Rating:  eventual  NC-17 
Spoilers:  Up to Season 2 Episode 22 (New York)

Summary: What Blaine Anderson wants, Blaine Anderson gets and from the moment he meets Kurt Hummel on the stairs at Dalton Academy he's determined that the beautifully broken boy will be no exception.  When lust turns to love and Kurt becomes more than a conquest, Blaine shows just how far the boy who has everything is willing to go for love- the one thing he's never had.

A/N ~ I am humbled and blown away by the response to the last chapter. You guys rock and I am awed by how many of you were still waiting on this to update and still faithful readers. This story means a great deal to me personally and it means so much to me that so many of you have taken my vision and my story into your hearts as well. So thank you and I only hope that I continue to put out a story that stays true to my vision and that you guys enjoy the almost 23,000 words I pumped out for this chapter.  It's a doozy :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee. If I did Blaine wouldn't have cheated on Kurt with a lighthouse. 

Overall Story Warnings: Violence, Strong Language, homophobic and biophobic language, explicit sex, underage drinking and drug use, high risk sexual behavior, emotional manipulation, bullying, racial slurs, implied suicidal thoughts...will add appropriate warnings for individual chapters

Chapter specific warnings: This chapter is my take on some of the events in NBK so it will contain non consensual sexual contact (the kiss between Kurt and Dave) and as well as general references to consent issues and the effects non-consensual forced physical contact can have on a victim. There are also references to PTSD and physical reactions to emotional trauma (panic attacks and flashbacks) as well as fat shaming, the discussion of internalized homophobia, discussion of conversion camps and homophobic ideas and attitudes, victim blaming, manipulation, blackmail, certain dramatic license for plot purposes (suspend some belief for me pls), brief mention of sexual harassment, and canon typical physical violence.

Previous Chapters start here: Chapter One: Maybe We're Victims of Fate 

Chapter Twenty-Two: Sympathy for the Devil

Dave's day had started out badly and gotten progressively worse. He'd overslept and been forced to catch a ride to school with his mother, a situation he usually tried to avoid at all costs.

It wasn't that Dave didn't love his mother. She was his mother; of course he loved her. It was just that even though she didn't know she was doing it, she had a habit of reminding him of everything about him that was broken and wrong, ferreting out his insecurities and poking at them with a stick.

They'd been sitting at a red light, listening to morning radio when talk had turned to a student from Columbus whose mother had led the charge to allow her daughter to attend a school dance with her girlfriend.

"Disgraceful," Marjorie Karofsky sneered.

"I don't know," Dave said hesitantly. "I think it's kinda awesome that her mom was willing to fight for her like that. I mean, you'd fight for me, right?"

"Not if you were doing something as immoral as choosing to live as a homosexual," Marjorie answered. "I'd pray for your soul and try to find you some help, maybe send you to one of those conversion camps to help you rid yourself of the sickness but I certainly wouldn't encourage you flaunting that you were an abomination in the eyes of our Lord."

Dave felt as every one of his mother's words cut into him as if she wielding a knife and carving away the flesh from his bones. "But you'd still love me, right?"

"Of course," Marjorie said promptly. "I just wouldn't be able to be a part of your life until you realized the horrible mistake you were making and got back on the path of righteousness."

"You'd…you'd disown me?" Dave asked.

"David, I wouldn't have a choice. I could not, in good conscience, support you indulging in that type of lifestyle. It would be detrimental to your salvation and my own."

"What if…what if I chose to live with someone outside of marriage? Or got a girl pregnant and had a baby out of wedlock? Those are sins too. Why-"

"David, those are different," his mother sighed. "Yes those are things are sins and I'd be disappointed and pray for your soul but they are not unnatural acts of deviant sexual behavior. Do you understand what I'm saying honey?"

"Yeah mom," Dave said pushed through the lump in his throat to answer. "I understand."

"Good. Now I ran into Susan Lattimore at the craft store yesterday and she told me that her Jaime isn't dating that Ellis boy anymore. She's a very pretty girl, don't you think David?"

Dave swallowed harshly. "Um, yeah, Jamie's pretty," he agreed.

"And she's a cheerleader too, right son?"

Dave felt trapped and wanted nothing more than to pull up to the front door of the school so he could escape. "Jaime is a Cheerio," Dave confirmed.

"You should ask her out," Marjorie continued.


"Honey, I know that at your age girls can be intimidating but you've got to put yourself out there. Some boys just have to try a little harder than others is all."

"Thanks mom," Dave said bitterly.

"Hush David, you know what I meant," Marjorie chided. "Now I told Susan to tell Jamie that you had something to talk to her about."

Dave felt as if he'd been dropped off a cliff. "You did what?"

"I know you probably think it's embarrassing," Marjorie rolled her eyes, "But Jamie is a good Christian girl and you could do a whole lot worse. I know you're a bit of a late bloomer David but a boy your age should be dating. Now I'm not saying you have to marry the girl but I do expect you to at least ask her to dinner and a movie."

"Sure mom," Dave said tightly as they pulled up to the school. He hurried to free himself from his seat belt so he could exit the vehicle.

"David," Marjorie said, placing a hand on his arm. "I only want the best for you. Good luck with Jamie and you have a good day. Love you honey."

"Love you too mom," Dave said dully, climbing out of the car.

He hadn't even taken two steps when Jaime appeared in front of him. "Listen Dave," the pretty brunette began without preamble. "My mom is as transparent as glass so I know she's trying to set me up with you. Let me save you some trouble: You are not my type. I like my guys with a little less rage, a whole lot less body fat and enough game that they don't need mommy to troll the aisles of Hobby Lobby to find them a date. So thanks but no thanks. You should aim a little lower. I hear Lauren Zizes is single." Jaime flounced away, her ponytail bouncing behind her before Dave could even formulate a reply.

Jamie's rejection, cruel and absolute, coupled with his mother's unknowing condemnation filled Dave with a combination of shame and rage that had him physically shaking and on the verge of tears.

"Dave Karofsky," Jacob Ben Israel materialized out of nowhere, thrusting his microphone into Dave's face. "Rumor has it that Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel returned to school this morning, with both their parents in tow. Could this have anything to do with the Battle at Breadstix that took place between you and hey, hey, hey, put me down!" Jacob squeaked.

Normally, Dave could ignore Jacob but the reminder of what had happened at Breadstix, along with the mention of Burt Hummel had Dave hoisting the boy up over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and heading towards the dumpster. He didn't think twice about throwing Jacob in, before punching the side and walking away.

It wasn't fair. Kurt's father didn't care that he was gay. He loved and accepted him anyway, even though that meant they both got crap for it. And if that wasn't enough, he was apparently getting a stepmother who was prepared to do the same. He didn't have to worry about being kicked out or disowned or forced to ask out a girl he didn't even like to save face.

Then there were Kurt's friends. They didn't care either. Every single of them knew that Kurt was gay, even the guys, and they were still his friends. So much so they were willing to literally fight his battles for him. Dave was sure that if Az ever found out about him that their friendship would be over. Az wouldn't be the only one. None of Dave's friends would stand by him. The only guys on the team that apparently didn't care about whether or not a guy liked other guys were Evans, Hudson, Puckerman, Chang and Abrams and each and every single one of them hated him.

Kurt probably didn't have to worry about his future either. All Dave had ever wanted, ever since he was little, was to play pro football. And according to all the recruiters he had a decent shot at it. But that would all go up in smoke if the truth came out. There was exactly one pro football player Dave knew of that was gay and he hadn't come out until after he'd already retired. Kurt didn't have to worry about any of that. He was probably gonna be some fashion designer or Broadway star and they're all a bunch of homo's anyway so nobody would even care about Kurt.

The bitterest pill to swallow was that Kurt had apparently found someone. In the middle of bumfuck, nowhere Ohio he'd managed to find himself a boyfriend. And not just any boyfriend, a guy with enough money to go to that fancy prep school and cared enough about him to serenade him in front of everyone.

It wasn't right. Kurt got everything. Kurt got to be out. Kurt got to have family that wouldn't send him to some camp to get fixed or banish him from their lives. Kurt got to have friends that wouldn't turn on him. Kurt got to have a chance at his dream career. Kurt even got to have a fucking boyfriend. Kurt got everything and the only thing that Dave got was to live a lie. It wasn't fair and all it did was make Dave's inside's twist up so much that he didn't know if what he felt towards Kurt was anger, envy, desire or some strange combination of all three.

All he knew for sure was that he was too close to edge and it would be best for everybody that he and Hummel not cross paths today.

"So that got us a big ball of nothing," Mercedes complained, poking at her lunch.

"Not nothing," Quinn argued. "At the very least Figgins knows he's being watched now and Coach Sylvester is on our side, sort of."

"Yeah no offense to Coach Cray Cray but nothing's going to change until at least next week," Tina pointed out.

"That may actually work in our favor," Mike said slowly.

"How do you figure?" Santana asked.

"Look, around you," Mike said. "We're not the only ones who get bullied. The more people that show up at that meeting and complain-"

"The more likely there will be change," Rachel finished. "Mike that's brilliant. If we start reaching out now-"

"No not we," Kurt cut her off quickly. "They're not going to listen to students. Our parents have to take the lead on this."

"But how they are supposed to know whose being bullied?" Sam asked.

"We tell them," Finn said. "We keep our eyes open, see who else is getting made miserable and then let our parents call their parents."

"Oh my God," Santana said slowly. "You guys just came up with a plan that doesn't reek of inevitable failure."

Artie bit his lip. "You guys think it'll work?"

"It's better than sitting around waiting and doing nothing," Rachel insisted.

"Yeah, I mean, it can't hurt," Finn added.

"Unless the bullies find out what we're up to," Brittany said.

"It won't matter," Puck said. "Once parents get involved the rules change. I know these guys, okay. I used to be these guys. Once it starts spreading among the parents that McKinley has a bullying problem, no kid is going to want to admit to their parental units that they're the reason why. They'll back off out of sheer self preservation."

"Or just get sneakier," Kurt sighed. "Still though, I think the risk/reward ratio balances out in our favor."

"Still though we should be careful," Artie cautioned. "Keep things on the down low as much as possible."

"Agreed," Kurt said. "After all, no enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution."

"What's that you said?" Mercedes asked.

"You don't recognize it?" Kurt asked Mercedes.

"He said that you're more likely to win if your opponent never sees you coming," Brittany remarked before Mercedes could answer.

Everyone looked at her. "How did-," Mike began.

"Coach Sylvester," Quinn cut him off. "She makes every Cheerio read The Art of War and The Prince."

"Its part of the war games," Brittany added.

"It was required reading when we joined," Kurt said to Mercedes.

"Boy I didn't read those books. I was going to be Cheerio, not becoming a soldier," Mercedes said.

"Cheerios are soldiers," Kurt, Santana, Brittany and Quinn responded in unison.

"Well that wasn't creepy at all," Puck said.

"Not cool, yo. Ya'll can't be going all Children of the Corn up in this piece," Artie said.

"Shut up," Kurt said, throwing a grape at Artie. "Old habits die hard, is all." Before he could say anything else, Kurt's phone buzzed.

-I miss you-B

Kurt smiled and fired off a reply.

-I miss you more-K

"From the goofy grin on your face that can only be Blaine," Mercedes said.

"It is," Kurt confirmed before turning his attention back to his phone.

-Somehow I doubt that-B

-Oh ye of little faith-K

"How are things between the two of you?" Tina asked

"They're good," Kurt said. "Really good."

-Said the atheist to the lapsed Catholic-B

-Look who's got jokes-K

"You tapping that yet?" Santana asked

"Santana!" Kurt cried.

"Or are you getting tapped," she continued undeterred.

"None of your business," Kurt huffed as his phone buzzed again.

-I've got a lot more than jokes for u baby-B

-Is that right-K

"Fine, don't dish," Santana said.

-Yep. Got a surprise for u-B

-What is it-K

-Ask me nicely-B

-Pls Blaine-K

-Nicer than that-B

-Pretty pls w/sugar on top xoxo-K

-I do so like it when u beg-B

-Blaine! („ԾԾ„ )-K

-Aww baby, fine I'll tell. I'm on my way to Lima to see u as we *speak*-(。◕‿◕。)- B

-It's the middle of the afternoon! What about school?-And no texting while driving!-K

-Jeff's driving. He wanted 2C Santana. And don't worry. Got school covered.-B

-And what about my school-K


-Have you forgotten about my father? Large fellow, has a gun and several traumatizing pamphlets at his disposal-K

-Ugh the pamphlets are like fight club. We don't talk about the pamphlets-B

Kurt laughed happily and the bell rang, causing everyone in the group to groan.

"C'mon ya'll time to get back on the grind," Artie said.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm going to the nurse to take a nap," Puck replied.

"You're going to take a nap? Dude, you were out of class all morning," Finn sputtered.

"Yeah but I just ate," Puck explained.

"And Jesse St. James called me lazy," Mercedes grumbled as they all made their way to their respective classes.

Kurt's phone rang just as he walked out of the cafeteria.

"Unlike you I am a responsible student on my way to class," Kurt said in lieu of a greeting.

"You're right," Blaine drawled. "I'm being a bad, bad boy and deserve to be punished."

"Blaine," Kurt hissed, scandalized. "I'm at school."

Blaine laughed. "Fine, but you owe me a lifetime of letting me embarrass you for not bolting as soon as the first packet of lube hit the coffee table."

"Don't remind me," Kurt moaned. "We agreed it's like fight club and-"

"We don't talk about fight club," Blaine finished. "So how did things go with Figgins this morning?"

"About as well as could be expected," Kurt sighed. "Our parents are going to talk to the school board next week."

"And in the meantime?"

"We endure as best we can," Kurt shrugged.

"I'm sorry things didn't go your way," Blaine said.

"It's might not be all bad," Kurt admitted. "I mean, we're going to try to get more parents to join in the complaint. We figured there's strength in numbers."

"That's a good plan," Blaine said quietly.

"We think so," Kurt said. "It's just the time between now and then that's going to be difficult."

"And how things with Finn?"

"Awkward," Kurt sighed. "But I guess given all the alternatives awkward isn't so bad. Class is about to start. I'll see you when you get here." Kurt said as he slid into his seat.

"Take care, talk to you soon," Blaine said as he hung up.

Kurt's phone buzzed in his pocket and he smiled as a text from Blaine came through.

-Had to feed Jeff. ETA 90 Mins-B

One minute Kurt was smiling at the prospect of getting to see Blaine before the weekend and the next his phone was on the floor and he was bouncing off of a locker.

He wasn't sure what possessed him to take off down the hall after Karofsky. Maybe it was Blaine's words echoing in his head about refusing to be a victim and having courage or maybe was remembering the look of utter frustration and defeat on his father's face after the parents meeting with Figgins or maybe Kurt was just sick and tired of being sick and tired, but this time instead of just pretending nothing had happened Kurt decided that he wasn't going to let one more incident of abuse go without letting the bully know exactly what he thought of him.

"I am talking to you," Kurt yelled bursting through the locker room door.

"Girl's locker room is next door," Dave replied automatically, hoping the barb would be enough to send Kurt on his way. When he sensed that Kurt hadn't moved Dave felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck, and he swallowed hard, cursing that today of all days was the day Kurt decided to force the issue.

After the morning he'd had and the things his mom had said Dave could not deal with Kurt, not on top of everything else. Dave's control was too shaky, and for the first time he was actually worried about what could happen if Kurt kept pushing him. He needed Kurt to leave him alone, to just stop yelling and go away because he couldn't deal with the kid bringing to life all the anger and pain that Dave had tried to smother and to keep buried down deep where it couldn't hurt him. His hands shook as he pulled his shoes out of his locker and he refused to even turn around to look at Kurt because Dave knew the minute he saw him the tenuous hold he had on his self control would snap.

"What is your problem?" Kurt demanded, walking right up to Dave and putting himself in his path.

"Excuse me," Dave asked, silently willing the other boy to drop it and just go away because the last time he had been alone with Kurt had ended in a disaster that had threatened to give all of his secrets away.

"What are you so scared of," Kurt asked, unaware of Dave's internal struggle and challenging the bigger boy to answer him, refusing to back down or cower before his biggest tormentor.

"Besides you sneaking in here to peak at my junk," Dave snarled, turning quickly away from Kurt and continuing to empty his locker, hoping that if he ignored the other boy he would go away.

"Oh yeah," Kurt scoffed, "It's every straight guy's nightmare that all gays are secretly out to molest or hurt you. Well guess what ham hock, I've said it before and I'll say it again: You're not my type."

Dave felt the same anger and hurt wash over him that had assaulted him back in the men's room at the Cineplex when Kurt had insisted he'd have sex with an animal before he ever considered Dave. Dave looked at Kurt and his lip curled back in a sneer, remembering all the times Kurt had followed Hudson around like a lovesick puppy and how Kurt had been all snuggled up with the curly haired leader of that group of prep school kids from the other day. "That right," he questioned, pushing into Kurt's personal space.

"Yeah," Kurt confirmed returning Dave's dirty look with one of his own. "I don't dig on chubby boys who sweat too much and are going to be bald by the time they're thirty," he sneered.

The barb found its mark and Dave felt resentment and humiliation at being rejected so completely by the one person who should have understood what he was going through and he raised his fist menacingly and took a step towards the smaller boy. "Do not push me, Hummel," he growled through clenched teeth.

Kurt glanced down at Dave's fist and then back up, looking Dave square in the eyes. "You gonna hit me?" He taunted the jock. "Go ahead," Kurt dared him.

"Don't push me," Dave snapped, slamming his locker shut and trying desperately to rein himself in. Stop letting him get in your head man. Keep it together, don't lose it. C'mon Dave, can't let him know, don't let him see, for the love of all that's holy Hummel, go the fuck away," he chanted silently in his head.

"Hit me 'cause it's not gonna change who I am," Kurt declared. "You can't punch the gay out of me anymore than I can punch the ignoramus out of you!"

"Get out of my face!" Dave screamed, feeling raw and exposed, stripped of all his control and unable to contain himself any longer.

Kurt didn't flee. Instead he fixed Dave with a look of pure revulsion and shook his head slightly. "You are nothing but a scared little boy who can't handle how extraordinarily ordinary you are," Kurt yelled.

It was one rejection too many. The look of loathing on Kurt's face, coupled with the singer's assessment that there was nothing about Dave that he found desirable or attractive, the confirmation that there was no place for him, that he was unwanted and unwelcome even to those that he should have been accepted by broke Dave's restraint. Dave was tired of being reminded of how disgusting and distasteful he was to those to around him. His own mother didn't want him, Jaime didn't want him, Azimio was close to dropping him and now Kurt…Kurt had made it clear he would never want him.

Dave couldn't take it anymore. He had been forced to swallow down his anger and pain at his mom's words. He had no choice but to smile and nod when Jamie had turned him down. He had to stand there and take it when Az had laid into him about the fight at Breadstix and he was done. He was done being dismissed and disregarded. Hummel didn't get to do that to him. Not when everything that was happening to Dave was all his fault. It was all on Hummel. Dave had been fine until he'd noticed the kid last year. Hummel and his beautiful blue eyes and smooth skin and tight pants that made Dave's thoughts go to uncomfortable places. Hummel didn't get to do that to him and then just tell Dave he wasn't good enough. Hummel didn't get to just walk away, not this time, not until he knew what he'd done to Dave, what he'd turned Dave into and how he'd made Dave feel about him.

Before he could think clearly he was grabbing Kurt and kissing him.

Kurt wasn't religious but everyone knew the story of David and Goliath, the epic tale of the underdog emerging victorious from battle in the face of impossible odds. It's a good story and Kurt had to admit that he'd hoped for a similar outcome when he'd confronted Dave.

The only problem with that was that unlike David, Kurt was no giant killer and outside of Disney movies and fairy tales the underdog usually loses.


Kurt's dreams of following Dave into the belly of the beast and emerging victorious-or with enough broken bones to force someone to do something-quickly turned into a nightmare of epic proportions when Dave grabbed Kurt's face and kissed him.

It was nothing like when Blaine kissed him.

It wasn't even like when Brittany had kissed him.

It was angry.

It was rough.

It was hard.

It was painful.

It was terrifying.

Kurt stood frozen. The only thing that snapped him back to reality was Karofsky leaning in to steal another kiss. Kurt pushed the jock away, but still couldn't find it in him to make a sound.

"Why couldn't you just go when I told you to?" Dave screeched, pounding on the locker in front of him. "This is your fault, Hummel. You just…you wouldn't…I told you….you made me."

"This isn't my fault," Kurt denied hoarsely as he shook his head. "I didn't make you do anything. You kissed me."

"That's not…you better not tell anybody," Dave bit out through clenched teeth, looming over Kurt and leaning into his personal space.

"If I do," Kurt whispered.

"I'm gonna kill you," Dave growled, shoving Kurt back into the wall of lockers before grabbing his things off of the bench and all but running out of the locker room.

Kurt slid to the floor, afraid to move, terrified that if he even breathed too loudly Karofsky would come back and make good on his threat. Eventually he pulled himself up, wincing at the bright sparks of pain that shot down his right side and cautiously made his way out into the hall.

To Kurt's surprise the halls were empty and a quick glance at the wall clock revealed that school was almost over and Kurt had somehow lost over an hour's worth of time. He caught sight of himself in the reflective glass of the trophy case and gasped. His eyes were red rimmed, his face was pale and his cheeks were streaked with tears. He didn't remember when he'd started crying or when he'd stopped. He couldn't remember much of anything, except for the crushing weight of Karofsky's hands clamped down hard on the sides of his face holding him still and the bruising pressure of Karofsky's lips as the bigger boy smashed his mouth against Kurt's.

Kurt got lost in the memory and when he felt someone's arms slip around his waist and begin to pull him backwards the only thing he could think of was that Karofsky had come back to make good on his threat.

"Get off me, get off, get off, get off, get off," Kurt chanted, whirling around and blindly throwing punches.

Blaine's head rocked back when one of Kurt's wild jabs connected. "Ow, Jesus Kurt! What the fuck?!" Blaine yelled, as he ducked another blow. Blaine quickly slipped around behind Kurt and wrapped his arms around him, pinning Kurt's arms down by his side.

"No, no, no, no stop, please I won't tell, I won't tell, let me go," Kurt whimpered.

"Jesus," Jeff whispered.

Blaine knew he had to get Kurt out of the middle of the hallway before someone saw them. He took a quick look around and spied a girl's bathroom. "Jeff," he barked. "I'm gonna take Kurt in there, stand by the door and don't let anyone in."

Jeff nodded and he helped Blaine herd Kurt into the bathroom and before stepping back out to stand guard.

"Kurt," Blaine said, settling them on the floor with Kurt pulled into his lap. "It's me, it's Blaine. You're safe, I promise you're safe and nobody's gonna hurt you."

Kurt cried quietly for a few minutes before the tears subsided and he finally raised his head to look at the other boy. "Blaine?" he questioned shakily.

"Yeah it's me," Blaine confirmed. "Gotta say that was one hell of a right hook you greeted me with."

Kurt reached out and gently traced the shadow of a bruise on Blaine's chin. "I'm sorry." He whispered.

"I've had worse," Blaine said brushing a small kiss on Kurt's forehead. "You feel up to telling me what happened out there?"

"I think it's fairly obvious I had a complete and total meltdown," Kurt said bitterly. "At this rate I'm going to have my very own padded cell by Christmas."

"You're not crazy," Blaine said immediately. "But you were pretty out of it when I got here and I'd like to know why."

Kurt stiffened instantly and shook his head. "I can't, please no, just forget it, okay? It's fine. I'm fine. I'm sorry I hit you and I'm sorry that-"

"Baby," Blaine broke in gently. "Stop. You're obviously not fine. Talk to me, let me help."

"You can't. Nobody can. My dad was here just this morning and then…nobody can help."

"Let me try," Blaine begged. "At least trust me enough to tell me what's going on."

Kurt was quiet for a long moment and then he nodded. "Karofsky," he whispered.

At the mere mention of the other boy's name Blaine felt a spark of anger but held himself in check. "He hurt you again?"

Kurt nodded. "He…I was walking down the hall and he came out of nowhere and he just…he shoved me into a locker," Kurt began slowly. "And I was just…it made me so angry," Kurt explained. "My dad, Carol, Morris and Evie and just…all of our parents took the morning off of work and came down here to demand that Figgins stop the bullying and basically got told they wasted their time and they needed to take it up with the school board at the next meeting."

Blaine smirked just a bit at the news that things with Figgins had gone pretty much as he'd suspected they would but any pleasure he may have gotten at that turn of events was quickly overshadowed by the misery in Kurt's voice.

"I'm sorry you were disappointed baby," he said, tightening his hold on Kurt.

"I was just tired of making it easy for him," Kurt said. "I mean, we're always told when we're little that bullies are cowards and if you stand up to them most of the time they'll back down. And I kept thinking about how you told me I could refuse to be a victim and I couldn't get how disappointed my dad looked out of my head and I was just tired, so after he pushed me instead of brushing it off like normal I followed him."

"He hit you?" Blaine demanded harshly, remember the last time Kurt had ended up in a room alone with Karofsky.

"I wish he had," Kurt said, squeezing his eyes shut. "I thought he was going to at first. I mean, I practically dared him to."

"So what happened?"

"He," Kurt's throat closed up and he began to tremble in Blaine's arms.

"Hey," Blaine said, immediately pulling Kurt even tighter against him. "Kurt if he hurt you-"

"He kissed me," Kurt blurted out. "He grabbed my face and held me still and just…kissed me."

Blaine stilled. Of all the things he had expected Kurt to tell him Karofsky had done, that had never even been on his radar. "He kissed you?"

"It was awful," Kurt shuddered. "I didn't know he…I didn't want him to," Kurt insisted.

"I know baby, I know," Blaine soothed.

"He said I made him," Kurt admitted, the words tumbling out now that the damn had burst. "He said it was my fault for not leaving when he told me to and that I made him and that I better not tell anyone or he'd-." Kurt stopped suddenly.

"He'd what?" Blaine growled.

"It's not important," Kurt deflected.

"The hell it's not," Blaine snapped. "You were in the middle of some kind of panic attack when I got here, Kurt. I want to know what that asshole did to you that got you to that point."

"Blaine, I can't."

"Trust me," Blaine begged. "You trusted me enough to tell me what you were going through the first day we met. You trusted me enough to tell me about Mason and share your treehouse with me. You trusted me enough to let me hold you all night when you too scared to go home. You trusted me enough to let me sit in on a family meeting and you trust me enough to let me touch you in ways that no one else ever has. Trust me now."

Kurt took a deep breath. "Telling you this," Kurt said softly, "Is literally trusting you with my life, Blaine."


"He said if I told anyone he'd kissed me that he would…he said he'd k-kill me," Kurt confessed shakily.

White hot rage washed over Blaine and left everything covered in an angry red haze.

"He threatened to kill you," Blaine asked lowly.

Kurt nodded.

"Get up," Blaine ground out tersely.

"Blaine?" Kurt questioned

"Get. Up." Blaine repeated angrily.

Kurt scrambled up and Blaine quickly followed him. He took Kurt's hand and practically dragged him out of the bathroom.

"Whoa," Jeff said as soon as Blaine opened the door and he got a look at his friend's face. "Who released the Kraken?"

"Now is not the time," Blaine said tightly.


"I'm not angry with you baby," Blaine quickly assured Kurt. "But I want you to go out to the car with Jeff. As soon as I'm done we'll take you home, tuck you into bed and put this whole day behind us, okay?"

Kurt's eyes widened in fear and he dug his fingers into Blaine's arm. "Done with what? Please tell me aren't going to try to fight Karofsky," he begged.

"As much as I want to rip his head right off his body, I swear to you that I'm not going to try to fight Karofsky," Blaine promised Kurt.

"Then what are you going to do?"

"Whatever's necessary to make sure that you're safe," Blaine answered. "Now go with Jeff, I shouldn't be long."

Kurt was too tired to argue so he simply nodded and allowed Jeff to lead him down the hallway.

As soon as Kurt disappeared down the hall, Blaine forced his anger aside and followed the signs until he found the front office.

"Can I help you?" The school secretary asked pleasantly.

"You certainly can," Blaine said, giving her his most charming smile. "My name's Blaine Anderson and I really need to talk to Principal Figgins about making a possible donation to the school," he lied.

"A donation?" She repeated, sitting up a bit straighter and smiling back at Blaine. "Why don't you take a seat and I'll let Principal Figgins know that you're out here."

"Thank you," Blaine said, but he didn't sit. He doubted that he'd even have time to get comfortable before Figgins would be calling him into his office and he was right. The secretary wasn't even gone a full minute before the door was opened and Blaine was being waved inside.

"Mr. Anderson, Donna tells me you wish to speak to me about a possible donation to the school?" Figgins said with smile.

"Yeah, that was a lie," Blaine said bluntly, settling back into his seat. "I'm actually here to tell you what you're going to do in order to keep your job and keep this school from being named in a class action lawsuit."

"Pardon me?"

"My apologies, I'll try to speak slower and use smaller words."

"Who do you think you are?"

"I'm Blaine Anderson, and let me save you the Google search," Blaine answered, his smile sharp and almost feral in nature. "Currently I'm the CEO and majority stock holder of Anderson International. Due to our factories, manufacturing plants, call centers, research facilities and various other enterprises we are the sixth largest employer in the state of Ohio. Last month I had dinner with Governor Stevens and Senator Sterling's son Jeffrey is one of my very best friends. I have a team of very expensive, morally deficient and incredibly effective attorney's at my disposal and Nancy Grace is number six on my speed dial. Tell me, do you think she'd prefer to run the story about how William McKinley allowed bullying and harassment to become so commonplace that students actually line up in the mornings to get thrown into the dumpsters before or after Kurt and his friends file their lawsuit?"

"Kurt who? Now wait just a moment-"

"I can see it now," Blaine continued, steepling his fingers and leaning forward. "Nancy in all her self-righteous glory, nostrils flaring, angry eyes fully engaged voice steadily rising in volume as she details for the entire country how students at McKinley are subjected to routine physical assaults and emotional battery, sometimes in full view of the faculty-,"

"You are worse than Tina Cohen-Chang and her vampire coven," Figgins cried, holding up his hands.

"I'm not even gonna pretend that made any sense," Blaine said slowly. "But can you imagine the outcry from the LGBTQ community when it comes out that you ignored repeated acts of violence and harassment aimed at your only openly gay student-even dismissed the attempts of one of his teachers to advocate on his behalf?" Blaine continued

"Now listen here young man there is no need to unleash Nancy Grace!"

"You're right," Blaine agreed. "It would result in nothing but negative consequences for you, the school, even the city. There's absolutely no need for any of that to happen…which is why you're going to give me exactly what it is I want."

"Oh my God, this is a shakedown. I will not negotiate with terrorists!" Figgins squawked.

"Again I apologize," Blaine smirked. "I somehow gave you the impression that this was a negotiation. It's not. The projected aim of negotiation is compromise, Principal Figgins and as I have absolutely no intention of compromising with you, well…I'd just be negotiating in bad faith and that would just sully my good name. I can't have that so let me clear things up for you: This is blackmail, pure and simple. You do what I say, exactly as I say, or all of William McKinley's dirty laundry makes headline news and every single one of those angry parents that was in your office this morning gets a phone call from the law offices of Wilhelm and Crane offering them a piece of the class action lawsuit pie. How long do you think it would take word to get around? Start with the parents of the Glee club, spread to the parents of the band kids, hey, got any mathletes? Their parents might want in on this too," Blaine said with a grin.

"What do you want?" Figgins asked.

"I want for Kurt to be able to come to school without being abused and receiving death threats," Blaine said viciously. "But since that ship has already sailed, right now I'll settle for expulsion of David Karofsky."

"I can't just expel a student with no proof of wrongdoing," Figgins argued.

"I'm sure you can find a way," Blaine said. "And for a little motivation, if I may," Blaine said, taking Figgins' laptop and tapping in the address to Jacob's blog.

As a video compilation of several students being shoved into lockers by various members of the football and hockey teams set to the tune of "Bodies" by Drowning Pool began to play Principal Figgins groaned and put his head in his hands.

"Dave Karofsky appears on this blog committing eighty seven separate acts of bullying against his fellow students," Blaine said, his voice cold enough to lower the temperature in the room. "He's on video doing everything from tossing them in dumpsters to throwing frozen drinks in their faces to shoving them into lockers. Forty six of those incidents involve Kurt. Today was forty seven. He doesn't get to make it to forty eight."

"And what guarantee do I have that you will back off if I expel Mr. Karofsky?"

Blaine shrugged. "Absolutely none," he said smugly. "But what you do have is a guarantee of what will happen if you don't."

"You don't realize what you're asking. is one of the most important members of our school's football team. We have an excellent chance of getting to the Championship this year and without his contribution the Titans may not make it," Figgins explained to Blaine.

"Not my problem," Blaine replied. "How long do you think you'll hold on to your job once that video makes the national news and the lawsuits come rolling in?" Blaine asked

Figgins sighed. "You win," he said finally. "Mr. Karofsky will be expelled first thing tomorrow-"

"There are twenty minutes left in the school day. No time like the present."

Principal Figgins glared at Blaine as he pressed the button on his intercom. "David Karofsky report to the Principal's office please. David Karofsky, you are needed in the Principal's office post haste."

Figgins ran a hand tiredly down his face and Blaine stood up. "Now see that wasn't so hard, was it?"

"About Mr. Ben Israel's blog-"

"Oh no need to worry about that," Blaine said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Should Jewfro suddenly see the light and decide to stop exploiting the pain and humiliation of his peers, turn over a shiny new leaf and delete his blog my attorneys have already backed up and catalogued every entry."

"You are the son of the devil," Figgins hissed.

Blaine smiled, a predator's smile all teeth and deadly intent without a hint of warmth. "She likes to be called Mom," Blaine replied. "Pleasure doing business with you, Principal Figgins," Blaine tossed over his shoulder as he left, passing Karofsky on his way out.

"Do you think we should go back in there? I think we should go back in there," Kurt said nervously.

"Chillax," Jeff said changing the presets on the radio. "Look, if there's one thing Blaine's good at its crisis management. I can't tell you how many times he's pulled my ass out of the fire."

"But if he confronts Karofsky he could end up hurt!"

Jeff laughed and then stopped when he caught sight of Kurt's face. "Oh shit, you're serious. No, look Kurt, Blaine can take care of himself. Trust me on that. He's had plenty of practice."


"Totally against the rules for me to tell you," Jeff said with an apologetic wince, "But I swear Blaine can handle himself."

"What does that even mean?"

"It means you should stop worrying about Blaine and try to relax," Jeff ordered. "You were kind of a wreck back there."

Kurt cringed. "I'm sorry."

"Hey no, you don't have anything to be sorry about" Jeff hurried to reassure Kurt, "I've been there. I'm just glad that you're okay. You are okay, right?"

Kurt nodded then shook his head. "I don't know," he answered honestly.

"Do you wanna talk about-"

"No," Kurt cut Jeff off quickly. "I don't."

"Okay," Jeff soothed. "We don't have to talk about it. How about I tell you one of Blaine's most embarrassing deep, dark secrets?"

"Make it a good one."

"He's terrified of squirrels," Jeff chirped gleefully.


"Squirrels," Jeff confirmed.

"Small, furry, bushy tailed adorable squirrels?"

"Make him scream like a horror movie bitch," Jeff cackled.


"All he'll say is he had a bad experience."

"How do you have a bad experience with a squirrel?" Kurt laughed.

"Ask your boyfriend," Jeff replied.

Kurt sobered quickly. "I don't…we haven't exactly…I'm not sure Blaine's my boyfriend."

Jeff gave Kurt a dubious look. "He's your boyfriend," the blonde declared. "You two may not be Facebook official, but Blaine's in this. He's in this deeper than I've ever seen him be with anyone else."

Kurt felt a burst of pride and warmth flood through him followed quickly by a bout of nerves. "I've never had a boyfriend."

"First time for everything," Jeff winked.

Before Kurt could answer Blaine opened the door and slid into the driver's seat.

"Jesus man," Jeff yelped. "I swear I'm gonna put a bell on you."

"I'm going to chop off your fingers if you touch my radio again," Blaine threatened, switching back the presets. "Are you okay baby?"

"Kind of hungry because someone wouldn't let me finish my lunch, but other than that I'm good snookums," Jeff smiled.

"Wasn't talking to you," Blaine said dryly.

"I'm fine," Kurt answered. "What were you-"

"I'll tell you once I get you to your house, okay?" Blaine assured Kurt as he started the car and pulled away from the curb.

Chapter Twenty-Two Part III

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