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We are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle Marilyn Monroe

The above quote is one of my favorites. I think everyone has something in them that is special, that is beautiful and that makes them shine. Sometimes its out there in the open for everyone to see, but sometimes we have to dig a little deeper and look a little closer, but its always there.

Hi all, my name is Rochelle. I'm 33, a writer at heart (though not vocation) and hopeless romantic who watches tv with slash goggles on. I'm a mother of two beautiful little girls, a daughter, a sister, a student, a counselor and (if I do say so myself) a pretty awesome girlfriend. I have a hundred little plot bunnies running about in my head so I hope to get them all out and unleash the beast :D

I read pretty much every genre (though het is pretty rare for me). I can enjoy everything from fluff, to dark fics (I'm actually really partial to dark!fics in the vein of YaDiva's A Political Romance). I tend to like fluff and dysfunction in equal measure in my's fiction. I want to be entertained, they don't have to be an accurate depiction of a healthy relationship. In fact, it's more entertaining for me if they're not. The only things I try to avoid are death fics and excessively graphic non con. (Thou Shalt Not Kill Spencer Ried, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Kurt Hummel, Noah Puckerman or Blaine Anderson is totally the 11th commandment). Dark themes aren't triggers for me BUT I do cringe when people use themes like non con, self harm or domestic abuse and don't do their research on it. I feel if we as writers take on sensitive topics we should do so from as informed a position as possible.

My Fics

I tend to be a reactionary writer. I'll hear a song or watch a movie or see an episode of the show and get a plot bunny. I write by inspiration, which can be problamatic because I can't "force" chapters. I refuse to post filler chapters or material I think is sub par just for the sake of updating regularly. I know going months without an update can be a frustrating experience for a reader, but I'm selfish in that I want to feel good about what I put out and I want to be able to be proud of it and I find that if I try to make myself write a story when my muse and my brain is in another fandom or on another idea, nothing good comes from it. I can promise I will never abandon a story but I don't know how long they will take me to write.

I am a character driven writer because I am a character driven watcher. I tend to invest in characters, not shows. I don't watch Bones past the fourth season because there's no more Zach. I haven't watched Gray's Anatomy since T.R. Knight left and they killed off George. I haven't watched House since Kutner's suicide. I say I'm a Glee fan, but the truth I'm a Kurt fan. I like White Collar but really I watch for Neal. Criminal Minds is that rare show where I legit love all the characters, but I'm mainly watching for Reid. I still break out my QAF dvd's and fangirl over Brian, Justin and Emmett. Stiles and Derek are my moon and stars on Teen Wolf (though I actually legit love almost every character on that show).

They say write what you know so I write the characters I love, the way I see them. My Criminal Minds fic will be heavily Reid-centric because he is the character that drew me to the show and keeps me with the show. If you aren't both a Reid fan and a slash fan, you will not like my CM stories. I also don't write Reid as a delicate flower who can't stand up for himself. He's a grown man. He's an FBI agent. He's killed people and survived a childhood that would have broken a weaker individual. He is so much more than the perpetual victim the fandom tends to write him as.

My Glee fic will be all Kurt-centric and heavily Klaine/Puckurt centric. Kurt is my favorite Glee character and ties with Spencer Reid as my favorite tv character period. I know he's flawed but to me that just makes him flawless. Kurt is a character I love and if you aren't a Kurt fan, my Glee fic will not be for you. I tend to favor a stronger characterization of Kurt than a lot of the fandom. Kurt is, imo, a character with a very strong sense of self, a lot of pride and is very strong in general. He's a survivor. He's a fighter and he bends but he doesn't break. I'm a fan of innocent Kurt but also of BAMF Kurt.

My White Collar fic will most always be from Neal's POV. He's the character I'm invested in the most and I tend to only see him in a positive light. I also don't do Woobie!Neal fics. This is a man who walked out of a Supermax...yes he's vulnerable but he's not weak. Neal's pride is an integral part of his character and I don't do begging, crying, self loathing Neal.

I'll take prompts but reserve the right to not accept anything that squicks me (such as Kurt/Burt or graphic non con). I don't use a beta because I haven't had the most pleasant of experiences and for some reason it pokes at my insecurities more to give a fic over to one person than to post it for the masses.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions about my process or my fics feel free to PM me here or to ask at my LJ.

I have two Tumblr's and you can feel free to leave questions at either. So feel free to add or talk to me here or (this is the most active one) here.

In addition to here, I post my fic on Scarves and Coffee,AO3, and Dreamwidth,FF.NET under this same name, Sugakane_01 so you'll always be able to find my fic.


I think criticism is just as important to the creative process as praise and that a negative reaction to your work is not an invalid reaction. That being said, constructive criticism is one thing; flaming is quite another. It's fine not to like someone's work but that can be conveyed without being belittling or insulting. Remember that we're all fans and none of us are doing this as professionals or receiving compensation. If my, or anyone else's writing isn't your cup of tea feel free to find another brew but don't spit in the kettle on your way out.

I find that *most* authors are open to discussing things with their readers and I'm no exception. I love to discuss my thought process and why I view and write characters the way I do and get feedback on how people feel about my meta. All I ask is that if you have a specific complaint/question about my interpretation of the characters or handling of a theme or sensitive material, consider using the PM feature before publicly airing things in a review. I have anon reviews off (too many people use them to hide behind) but my PM is open. If you ever have a question or concern, PLEASE PM me and we can discuss it. I'm open to feedback; I'm not open to public attacks on the review page. I pretty much exclusively write slash and while I do always make it clear my stories are slash, I do not "warn" for it because I think its patently offensive that people think slash is something that has to be warned for like non con, abuse, pedophilia, character death, self harm or other potentially upsetting "triggers".

I will never hold a chapter hostage until I get a certain number of reviews...I LOATHE when author's do that. I tend to not ask for reviews unless it's something specific I want to gather opinions on. Of course I love reviews, as an author it makes you feel good to know your work is being read and appreciated, but I want them to be freely given, not asked for or coerced out of the reader.

My fandoms:

Criminal Minds

White Collar



Teen Wolf


Kurt/Happiness, though I lean towards Klaine, Puckurt and Kurtbastian

Reid/Happiness, I literally ship him with all the guys...even Anderson :D

Emmett/Happiness, because if anyone deserved to be happy it was him



Stiles/All of the people. That is not an exaggeration. I ship Stiles pretty much everyone except his father, Coach Finstock, Deaton, Kate, Mama Mccall and Victoria Argent. Everyone else, from Scott to Peter to Jackson to Erica to Lydia to Chris can get it. Not even joking.

I am a dedicated slasher and a multi-shipper.

On CM Spencer Reid is my fandom bicycle and I literally ship him with everyone (but only in slash pairings with the exception of EXTREMELY well written Reid/Prentiss).

On White Collar I am partial to OT3 (Peter/El/Neal) fics and Peter/Neal.

On QAF I'm all about Brian/Justin and Emmett/Happiness. I adored Emmett and just wanted to see him have the love he wanted and deserved.

On Glee I ship Kurt Hummel with just about everyone. My top ships for Kurt are: Klaine (kurt/Blaine), Puckurt (Kurt/Puck), and Hevans (Kurt/Sam). I also ship Kurt with several Warblers: Nick, Jeff, Wes, David, Flint, and Thad. I ship him with Sebastian too (they are much better matched than Sebastian/Blaine) and I ship him with Jesse St. James b/c Kurt Hummel Jesse St. James= two fierce bitches that could totally take over the world. I have a soft spot for Kurt/Britt friendship and Kurt/Santana is my het OTP. Yes, it's odd and no, IDGAF. I don't ship Kurtofsky because for me, the sight of Kurt's terrified face during NBK and the sound of how absolutely broken he was when he finally admitted to Mr. Schue that, no, he wasn't ok, make Kurtofsky impossible for me to be ok with. I have issues with Finn as a character (I tend to dislike canon Finn more often than not but love fanon Finn) and can only ship Kinn if its a REALLY good fanfic...of which I've read a few.

On Teen Wolf Stiles is my fandom bicycle. He's my favorite character and the very first emotional connection I made to the show. I adore him and everything about him is perfect (which isn't to say he's not flawed b/c he is, just that his flaws make him even more perfect b/c it makes him human). Stiles/Sheriff Stilinski is my favorite father/son duo since Burt and Kurt Hummel, not even joking. Sterek is my major TW ship but I also have an unhealthy amount of love for Peter/Stiles, Jackson/Stiles and Danny/Stiles.

My Views On Character Bashing In Fics:

There are few things that make me turn exit out of a fic like it set me on fire than that awkward moment when it becomes more about bashing the ship/character the author hates than actually writing about the ship/character the author enjoys.

I realize that everyone's opinions will differ but there is, for me, there's a difference between making a character the antagonist of your piece and using the things about them in canon you dislike to strengthen that characterization of them and warping them beyond recognition because you hate them and want to make the reader hate them too. It's a particular pet peeve of mine when characters are thrown under the bus to break up a canon pairing. There are ways to have JJ and Will end things without demonizing Will. There are ways to break up Klaine without turning Blaine into the Anti-Christ. Peter and Elizabeth can go their separate ways without El having a personality transplant and becoming a witch.

I don't mind "character bashing" when the characterization has canon evidence to back it up (Finn as a homophobe, Karofsky as abusive, Seaver as a screw up not ready for the BAU, ect) but when you take someone so far over the line that they aren't recognizable as the canon character, you might need to take a step back and see if your personal feelings are bleeding into your fic because usually, when you can feel a writers dislike of a character, it makes for an uncomfortable experience as a reader (unless you happen to hate the character too) and not all your readers are going to hate who you hate. Just because someone ships Puckurt and is reading your Puckurt fic, doesn't mean they aren't also a Sam or Hevans fan. Just because someone loves them some Asian Fusion and are reading your Mike/Tina doesn't mean they don't also have love for Tina/Artie. Just because someone is a Hotch/Reid fan doesn't mean they hated Haley. Just because someone is reading your Neal/Sara doesn't mean they didn't love Kate or Alex. Making someone the bad guy in a fic is one thing, out and out character bashing is another and for the most part, unnecessary and unattractive. Indulging in such a practice is great way to unintentionally alienate and offend potential readers.

Shipper Wars

Ship who you ship and wave your freak flag proudly. Just because I don't ship Kurtofsky doesn't mean I'm about to tell a pirate they can't either. I don't ship Hotch/Prentiss but if you're a fan more power to you. You like Blaine/Sebastian or Kurt/Rachel? Go on with your bad self! You like Neal/Sara or Neal/Alex or want them to bring back Kate...keep on keeping on. I don't do ship wars. Partly because I'm a multi-shipper and partly because, quite frankly, they are an exercise in futility. We are all going to like different characters and sail different ships. I don't have to like your ship in order to respect that you are a fan. I know not everyone is a Klainer or on the Sperek train or feeling the power of the P/E/N in the White Collar fandom and that's fine. You don't have to like who I like, all I ask is that you respect it. I'll debate and discuss all day everyday (i love to actually lol) the pro's and con's of different ships but I'll never argue about it because at the end of the day, a logical argument never made anyone stop shipping their OTP. So if you want to discuss Buffy/Spike vs. Buffy/Angel or Kurt/Puck vs. Kurt/Blaine or even Peter/Neal vs. Peter/El I'm your girl but if you want to fight about it and see who come up with the most insults against the other's ship...I'll pass.

My likes:

The color pink I SWEAR i was Elle Woods in a former (fictional) life

Shoes the higher the heel the better

Optimism Its better than the alternative

Sarcasm Cause it can take optimism out into the woods and shoot it

School I am one of those people who will never stop learning. I'm constantly taking a class of some sort. Education is something that should never end

My dislikes:

Authors who use their fics as a platform to bash ships or characters they dislike. People who hate based on their ignorance and intolerance: homophobes, racists, misogynists, misandrists (cause i'm an equal opportunity kind of girl), people who have no religious tolerance, people who abuse animals, the elderly, or their fellow man in general, people who pervert God to justify their own intolerance. People who are always right (because they seldom are) And Grape Nuts. And Nancy Grace.

My loves:

My family, my guy, my dog (her name is Foxxy Roxxy and she is made of win), Matthew Gray Gubler (he is my future baby daddy...he just doesn't know it yet and my profile pic will probably always be a photo of him.), Chris Colfer, Darren Chris, Shemar Moore, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O'Brien, music, crazy internet meme's, trampolines, rain, Seattle, the military and bubbles. OOH...and shiny things.

Kurt and Blaine's first date outfits for Come Here Boy. Kurt's is here and Blaine's is here.

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